How Can We Open, Edit, & Convert ASPX Files

What is an ASPX File?

You must have seen ASPX file extension but do you know what kind of file it is. Basically, it is an Active Server Page file. The file is designed for Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework. Developers use ASP.NET to create websites and Web applications. A web server generates ASPX files. It is because of the ASPX file the Internet browser you have installed on your computer is able to open and display a web page in an appropriate way.

Opening a Downloaded ASPX File

To understand ASPX file, you should know that it is the server side file. You must have seen that sometimes what we get is the server side file which is of no use to us because we cannot use it to get the information we are looking for. In such a situation, renaming the ASPX file can solve the problem. For instance, you were expecting a PDF file named Admissions but what you get is an ASPX file. So simply renaming the file as Admissions.pdf is all you need to do.

Now the question is why you get a server side file. It happens when the file you are looking for is not properly named by the server. So you have to make the file usable yourself.

This technique of renaming the file is useful but it does not mean that it will work all the time. This error often occurs because of your Internet browser. If you encounter this problem, try using a different browser. For instance, you used IE and it downloaded ASPX file, so you can try Opera or Chrome now.

Opening other ASPX Files

ASPX FileHave you seen a URL ending with .aspx? For instance, have a look at the following URL.

You don’t need to do something different in order to open this type of file. It is the webserver that processes the actual code in the APX file. There are many programs that code in ASP.NET and Microsoft’s Visual Studio is also one of them and can be used to open and edit ASPX files. You can also edit an ASPX file using Adobe Dreamweaver.

You can also use a simple text editor like Notepad to open and edit an ASPX file.

Converting an ASPX File

It is very important for you to know that converting an ASPX file is not something like converting an image file. Converting an image file like JPG or any other may not harm the content of the file but when you convert an ASPX file to some other file formats it will become useless. This is because elements of the ASPX files are processed on a server and converting them to another format like HTML will make it just useless.

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