13 Best Websites to Watch Free TV on the Web

A majority of online users is searching the internet for free television shows, live events, sports and other programs. Accessing all the stuff on the web is now possible. Here, I have arranged thirteen best sites that offer free TV shows online.



Hulu free TVHulu is the number one on the ranking list. If you want to watch the full episode of TV shows, then Hulu is the best place. They offer a huge variety of free movies, documentaries, and animated series. You can also subscribe to the monthly subscription, called Hulu Plus. Full version allows viewers to access Hulu content across all supported devices such as gaming consoles, set-top-boxes, Smartphone mobile, tablets and smart TVs, etc.



Watch FOX TVEnjoy a wide selection of full episodes, FOX shows and clips along with episode summaries, cast info, and information about upcoming shows. Video-on-demand is another attractive feature for viewers to watch traditional VOD service called Fox on Demand. Behind the scenes, and information about upcoming FOX TV episodes are also available for fans.



NBC TVIt could be more enjoyable when you find all your favorite programs in one place. Well, NBC is at number four. To find the current and past episodes of the NBC, explore its video library. See latest NBC TV schedules along with current news, play games, interact with other community members and shop online at NBC store.



Joost TVJoost channel provides a variety of programs along with information about latest, trendy and future uploads.  Site search is the way to find your favorite content on Joost. You can also view Staff Picks content by clicking the random button.

Link TV


Link TVJust like other sites, Link TV also provides a wide selection of HD quality programming not only from local but also from all over the world. You can view international news, events, and cultures. If you're interested to see something different, then Link TV might be your first choice.

Link TV categorized its service very well, so you can easily interact to find the stuff you are looking for. There are some useful options such as

•    Full schedule of upcoming programs
•    Access Programming channels
•    Explore programs
•    Watch videos
•    Site search feature helps you find everything you want. You can search TV shows along with the listing of most recent and upcoming programs organized Alphabetically.

The user can stream Link TV's multimedia HD quality content using web browsers. There is no need to download third-party media players to stream and watch programs. However, Some browsers required the recent version of Flash player, but most of them have already integrated necessary media plugins.



YoutubeYoutube, no doubt, is the king of online streaming. It is one of the most popular videos sharing websites till the date. There are millions of TV shows, programs, and clips that you might have missed. You can subscribe any Youtube channel to keep up with latest updates.


Current TV


Current TVA user-generated content based channel, Current TV founded in 2004 by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt. It is not a traditional TV network. Cloud-sourced newscasts and documentaries make the channel prominent and unique from all other sites.



Clicker TVThere are millions of TV programs available on the internet for free, but it is hard to find what exactly you need. Clickr simplifies and arranges all the stuff. You can explore Clickr listings, search and subscribe different channels easily.



Xfinity TVAt Xfinity, the user can watch a single show from multiple sources. It also contains TV series, movies, short films, documentaries, events and sports programs. You can view all the content for free on the web browser.



ABC TVWatch your favorite TV programs on ABC iview. ABC network also offers local schedules, full episodes, drama, documentaries, comedy shows, photos, and discussion forum where you can discuss anything related to programs. Not only this but you can also find people of same interest.



Revision3Revision3, a San Francisco-based internet television network offers original content produced by different production houses and individuals from all over the world. They also create, produces and distribute web TV shows based on various niche topics.



SidereelSimilar to other Internet TV networks, Sidereel also offers exclusive content including the most popular and current programs. Sidereel's personalized calendar will help you to remember current and upcoming episodes.




blinkx TVAn Internet Media platform and video search engine, Blinks connects viewers with publishers and distributors. You can watch videos enjoy other facilities such as news, entertainment, and sports programs for free. Blinkx allow users to create their TV channels based on personalized content to watch whenever they want.

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