How Secure is my Password?

Most of the people find themselves asking this question “how secure is my password”. Do you, too, ask yourself the same question? This is the age of technology and an average person is connected to various online accounts which are protected by a password. Passwords are used to keep your account protected and without a password, your account security is at a great risk. 

Recently there has been news about the hacked and stolen passwords of major companies like Yahoo, Apple’s iCloud etc. Since then, people are now concerned more than ever about their passwords. These days an average person owns and manages four to five different online accounts. A normal person manages his online bank account, uses different social networking sites, owns email accounts etc.

In other words, it means to say that most of the online services require you to create an account first to become a user. Once the account is created you have your login credentials consisting of email or username or phone and password. A password is the most important part of any online account. There can be no online account without a password. It is the password you enter and then the system recognizes you as an account owner after verifying the password.

Create a Strong Password

You must create a strong password which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Some people ask what strong password is. A strong password is a mixture of alphabets, digits, and symbols.

How Secure is my Password

Two Steps Verification

The two-step verification is an added layer of security and many websites are using this feature. Users are encouraged to use this security feature to stay protected. But those who don’t use two-step verification must set up a strong password if they want to keep their accounts secured.

Password Generator

Password Generators have made our lives easy. There are plenty of password generators and you can use one of them to generate the password. Some of the password generators also work offline. You can use LastPass or Dashlane which are popular password generators.

How Secure is My Password?

How Secure is My Password ( is a site that you can use to check if the password you are using is secure or not. You can also know how long a computer will take to crack your password. The site does not secure the password entered by users so you don’t have to worry about it.

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