Everything You Need to Know About DAT File

What is a DAT File?

You must have seen DAT files on your computer and now you are wondering what DAT file is. The most important thing you need to know is that DAT files have arbitrary data. It is wrong to think that DAT file is associated with a particular program or application. If you see .ppt file or .doc file, you immediately understand that these files are associated with Power Point and Word respectively. But, that is not the case with DAT file. This is why most of the users don’t know how to open a DAT file.

Generally, dat file simply store information about the application it refers to. In other words we can say that dat file is not associated with any particular program or application. This is the reason different dat files open with different programs. Generally, dat files are found in data folders of most of the application. Some users receive email with an attachment and the extension of file is .dat. If a users receives dat file, the very first question he asks himself is that how to open it. You better use the program that created it to open the dat file. But, how you will know about the program that created it? Notepad is a kind program that you can use to open image or video files. It is not a bad idea to use Notepad to open the dat file. Where did you get the dat file? You can also talk to the person who sent you the dat file. You can ask him or her that how to open the file.

Text Based DAT Files

Text based dat files are very easy to read. You can use Notepad to read a text based dat file. Windows users are familiar with Notepad very well. But if you use Notepad++ it would be even better. You will have to Install Notepad++ first. It is free. Wait for the installation to complete and when it does right click the dat file and from the menu select Edit with Notepad++.

There are chances that you will be able to see the text that your dat file contains. The text will be easily readable. But there will be problem if your DAT file is not a text file. As stated earlier, things are easy if we just know what the dat file is being used for. Dat files are often found in the installation directory of different programs and most of these files are locked files. If you want to open a locked dat file which you found in the installation folder of a program then you should know that there is no way you can open that file.

.DAT File

Video DAT Files

Above we talked about text based DAT files and now we are going to discuss video DAT files. As stated above, our problem is solved if we know the program in which the dat file is created. There are dat files that are saved from programs like VCDGear, CyberLink, PowerDirector etc. So, you can try using one of these programs to open a video DAT file.

Remember, the location of the dat file on your computer is important. If the dat file is in the program folder on your computer then the program it is linked with will open it. Majority of DAT files you found in program directories are of no use as they contain nothing more than complex computer code.

DAT Files as Email Attachments

People often receive a dat file as an email attachment. Generally, these dat files are in the form of a windmail.dat or ATT0001.dat file. If you receive this kind of DAT file, there are chances that the file is malformed from a Microsoft email service such as Outlook. Now, the question is how to open this type of file. Windows users can upload the file to Winmaildat.com and Mac users can use Klammer to open such files.


Converting a DAT File

Generally, people use a file converter when they need to convert a file. Most of the file converters are available for free. But a DAT file is not just like other files you convert using a file converter. The very first question you need to ask yourself is that what kind of DAT file you have. As stated above, most of the dat files are found in the installation directories and contain configuration information used by a particular program. There is no need to convert these kinds of DAT files. Remember, once you have converting a DAT file that stores configuration information of a program to something else you may not be able to use the program again. If you DAT file is actually a video file then you can use the video editing software that created it.

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