How to Change your iCloud Password

You use your iCloud passwords to keep your personal information safe and secure. The iCloud password is a kind of information which you must not share with anyone at any cost. If you do, you might have to face serious consequences. There should be no other person who knows your iCloud password. If you think that someone else also knows your iCloud password then you better consider changing your iCloud password before it’s too late.

It is not wise to keep using one iCloud password for a long time. You should consider changing your iCloud password at regular intervals. Some people use different Apple IDs to access different Apple services like Apple Online Store, iTunes Store, App Store etc. But there are others who prefer using one Apple ID for different Apple services. Once you have changed your iCloud password then you will be using the new password to access the other Apple services associated with your Apple ID.

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Change iCloud Password Instructions

Do as instructed below in order to change your iCloud password successfully.

For Mac Users

  • Access Apple ID Account page at
  • You will find Change Password link in the Security section. Click the link.
  • Now first, type your current password and then type a new password in the appropriate spaces. For confirmation, you will have to type the new password for one more time.
  • Finally, click Change Password
  • Now you will use your newly created password to use Apple services.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Users

Follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to Settings →Your Name →Password & Security
  • Touch Change Password
  • Type the current password and then type the new password you want to have in New Password and Confirm Password text fields.
  • When you are done, click Change Password.
  • From now on, your new password will be used to access Apple features and services.

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